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Understanding Therapy

Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy is a process of exploration through talking and the use of various exercises to facilitate change, resolution of difficulties, and transformation in you/you and your partner.

Sessions can take place online or face to face, and are tailored to your individual needs and goals, taking into account your relationship with yourself, with others in your life, and with your cultural background and social identity.

Therapy offers you a unique and confidential space to discuss sex and relational issues and transform life challenges, leaving you free to integrate different aspects of yourself and your relationships, and to fully enjoy sexual and emotional connections in a way that feels truthful to who you are.

Straight couple therapy

Improve Your Sex Life

Many of us grew up with poor sex education, negative messages about sex from parents and society, or sexual trauma and abuse. As a result, shame, stigma and fear can stop us enjoying a healthy sex life.

Sometimes we may not know how to ask for what we like or how to share what we don’t like. Talking about sex then becomes a challenge that we may decide to avoid all together. Sexual difficulties are varied and may be physical, psychological, emotional, or a mixture of all of them. They may be easy to manage or take more time to resolve and transform.

Therapy helps us understand how our body finds pleasure, how we feel regarding sex. It helps transform shame or trauma, improving communication, confidence and self-worth.

Individual man therapy

Deepen Your Relationships

Relationships can be wonderful, but sometimes they can be painful and confusing. We learn about relationships from our parents, carers and families, but we don’t always learn how to successfully build love for ourselves.

Sometimes we struggle to relate with others and manage differences in opinions, values or goals. Challenges in finding, maintaining or ending relationships can seem overwhelming at times. Sometimes we simply don’t know what we want in our relationship with a partner.

Individual and couples therapy can help to identify the dynamics that are being played out in your relationship, so you can transform the way you relate to yourself and others. Therapy also helps you reconnect to your authenticity, so you can grow personally and together.

Gay couple therapy


Face to Face & Online Therapy

50 minutes: £90

50 minutes: £130